Mr. Ranjit Sharma
advocate in Punjab and Haryana High Court
Chandigarh India

Our Mr. Sharma trusted senior advocate have more than 38 years of relevant experience practicing in Punjab and Haryana High Court and District Court of India. He is very well renowned with in the legal profession for the work he has done in his career and one of the most experienced lawyers in the district. He specialise in Criminal Law, Land disputes, Writs and Appeals in High Court and Supreme Court of India.

Mr. Rajiv Sharma
International Corporate and Financial Law 
Member of Punjab and Haryana High Court
Chandigarh, India 

Rajiv has 9 years of experience working in the law profession which includes practicing in Indian law such as Land disputes, Civil disputes, Family Law Corporate and UK immigration law. Rajiv completed Masters in Law (LL.M) from University of Wolverhampton in International Corporate and Financial Law which gives him extensive knowledge and experience of the International  world.

He has also practiced with a UK solicitor firm and with his diverse knowledge of two separate jurisdictions he has achieved innumerable positive outcomes for her diverse range of clients. His is very dedicated in advising individuals and corporate clients on all aspects of UK immigration law and Indian Law. He has built up a strong reputation amongst immigration lawyers within all areas of personal and corporate immigration law.

Mr. Neeraj Tyagi
Bachelors in Arts
Office Clerk 

Neeraj is office clerk performs a wide variety of tasks such as preparing legal documents, conducting legal analysis and filling cases in the Courts. He also help during the course of an action by preparing for a case and examining legal documents. This includes preparing legal documents such as petitions, legal complaints, and affidavits, chasing court orders etc.  He works in the Chandigarh office, India. He is working with office from past 6 years and a very supportive member of the team.

Mr. Neeta Sharma
Bachelors in Commerce & Diploma in E-Commerce
Accounts Manager

Neeta is the accounts manger in our firm and has more 10 years of experience in the field. She is very competent and  quite literally runs the whole of the business and commerce and underpins any form of monetary transaction. As well as producing reports and accounts, balance sheets, budgets and audit reports, also a business advisors and provide the firm added value service. 

Mr. Ranjit Khatri
Bachelors in Arts 
Real Estate Investment Manager

Ranjit is based in our Navi Mumbai Office India and our partner in the real estate investment projects in Mumbai. He has 10 years of experience in real estate investment in Mumbai India. As a estate agent he has worked with big names in the real estate industry. His in depth knowledge about the projects in Mumbai and surroundings helps individual and companies to  invest in right place and earn good appreciation from it.

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