We are qualified Indian Advocate here in United Kingdom helping Non Resident Indians (NRI) and Corporate firms to solve there legal disputes in India. We have a professional approach with a commitment to client service. Our trusted senior legal advisor have more than 38 years of relevant experience together and can deliver tailored expert legal advice for all of your individual and commercial needs. 

NRI Property Disputes                                                                                         

Our clients are important to us and we assist them in making the right legal decisions to safeguard their 
rights in India.  If you have any problems in India such as: 
  • Property and Land Dispute                                             
  • Writs/ Appeals in High Court and Supreme Court
  • Preparation of Power of Attorney                                     
  • Mutation (Intkal) of Land                                       
  • Alernative Dispute Resolutions
  • Matrimonial/Family Law                                         
  • FamilyDispute Resolutions
  • Criminal Cases                                           
  • Whole Sale Contracts & Agreements
  • Wills                                                              
  • Partition of Land or Property

We can help and strive to exceed our client expectations and now provide our high quality legal advice in the United Kingdom.

We can issue and defend your cases in India and provide you with full legal support in any matter of Indian Law. We are responsive and results-focused and aim to work in partnership with you to ensure that issues are dealt with as swiftly, amicably and economically as possible. We provide progress reports on your case to keep you informed. 

UK Immigration

We are registered and regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner to give immigration advise. We help our client to make application under Point Based System, EEA/EU applications, Spouse visas, Fiancé visa, Student Visas, Family permits, Naturalisation, British passport or citizenship, Indefinite Leave to Remain etc.
Canada Immigration

Due to change in UK immigration rules, most of the immigrants are considering to move to Canada. Canada is actively seeking talented and experienced people to immigrate. It is not only easy to emigrate but Canada is also land of opportunities. 
If you are willing to move to Canada our advisors can help to do so. Canadian immigration system gives opportunities to everyone if you have something to offer to Canada and we can help you to immigrate in following categories:

  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Provisional Nominee Programme
  • Canada Business immigration
  • Student Visa
  • Work Permits
  • Working Holiday Programme

At present we have opportunities for experienced Chiefs and Cooks have opened to immigrate to Canada. This category is for permanent residency in Canada and whole family qualify at same time. But this wonderful opportunity is only till end of this year. 

We also have opportunities for Long Haul truck drivers opened in Canada. The driver should be experienced truck driver with tracked record. The applicant must have 4.5 bands in IELTS test which is a basic level of English.  If applicant is successful the initial grant of visa is for 2 years which could lead to permanent residence. All our work is carried out by the lawyer authorised to represent clients in immigration matters who is a member of the Law Society Canada. Candidate looking to immigrate in this category please email your CV at sharma172@hotmail.co.uk or call us at +441902618488.

Foreign Direct Investment in India

India is capable off attracting much larger volumes of Foreign Direct Investment than any other emerging economy. The companies go abroad to exploit the rents inherent over advantages they possess and FDI in India is best and preferred mode of operations. The continuous upsurge in foreign direct investments (FDI), allowed across the industries and sectors, has proven that foreign investors have faith in the resilience of Indian markets. 

We understand that business in any international jurisdiction carries inherent risks. We want to help you to minimise the risk by sharing our experience and knowledge of Investing in India. We have a comprehensive understanding of the legal, commercial and cultural environment in India and could help you from investing real estate in Navi Mumbai to launch of your own brand.
We are soon launching real estate investment in India projects.

However complex or unwelcome problems may seem, our lawyers will be on hand to guide you through the legal process involved and ensure all matters are handled with sensitivity and responsibility. 

We are here to help all of our NRI brothers and sisters in the UK and look forward to being of service to you.

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